How Do You Become a 6+1?

It’s starts in the place that most things do. It’s all my brothers fault.

When I was about 6 years of age, he bought a pack of Airfix 1:72 scale Africa Korps.

I was hooked. He lost interest in them, but I didn’t. So I inherited them.

And then I built on that foundation. More figures and more model tanks.

It engendered in me a burning passion about history (especially World War 2) and military history specifically.

But when you start hitting your early teens, playing with toy soldiers looks kinda … lame.

That was until at about 16, I went into a games store and saw this:

Oh Joy

It was expensive (I was one year into my first part time job) but worth it. I had no one to play against, but read the rules and played against myself.

Until one day a year or so later I saw this …


It was soooo expensive. Had to buy the rule book seperate from the game! But after 6 months of umming and ahhing I bought it.

But it seemed too complex to play solo, and the rules were soo confusing. I was defeated. It looked great but … just sat in my cupboard.

Fast forward 2 years later. My best work mate and I meet up with a friend of his at lunch for some beer. He became a good drinking buddie.

We also become friends and then I find out that he plays ASL along with 4 other guys. I was invite along to a night of play.

And that was the start of my ASL gaming.

It developed from there …

  • Paratrooper
  • Yanks
  • Partisan
  • West of Alamein
  • Code of Bushido
  • Red Barricade
  • Gung Ho

Many a late night. Many great laughs and angst, all due to some dodgy die roll or other. It lit in me a passion for this game.

That is how I became a 6+1.


2 thoughts on “How Do You Become a 6+1?

  1. “It was soooo expensive” – and it still us for us way down here !
    Just getting back into the game and trying to build up a collection.

    Look forward to watching your site grow. More ASL Aussies – perfect.

    1. Hey Malorum. Remember I had save money for soooo long to pay for the rule book and beyond valour. Added up to about $160 bucks if I remember. But hey well spent.
      Yeah looking forward to making the site some fun. My whole time with my mates was given each other stick all the time. It was that jokey comraderie that I love sooo much. Keep an eye out. Will update my journey as I go. Will have to get a game going against you soon.

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