S.W.A.N.T. Special Weapons and No Tactics

When I first played ASL, I remember my ultimate desire to learn the Chapter D rules well enough so I could roll over some squads with a Tiger tank. I wasn’t that great back then. It was much a case of S.W.A.N.T. special weapons and no tactics (thank you Viz magazine).

I lost game after game because I just hadn’t grasped the basic’s of tactics in general, let alone the intricacies of the ASL rule book.

Now you know I am on a mission. I have a “The Grand Plan“. This time I vow my learning curve will be different. I am going to learn proactively rather than have my hopes dashed game after game using the “just play alot and you will learn” theory.

I will be posting whatever I find in terms of tactics here as I progress. I hope it will serve you well too.

Special Weapons And No Tactics Division

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