Why? Why This? Why Now?

ASL, Now? After a 30 year break? I say why not!

Hey it’s enjoying a bit of a renaissance, the lockdowns got people looking for stuff to do and alot of us who played when we are younger are now starting to get more time on our hands.

And so it is with me too. Kids are getting older, the time pressures of raising the family are less and you start to get back … TIME.

So I got thinking about hobbies and ASL came back to mind. Alot of fond memories of raucous arguments, hilarious taunting and unbelievable luck in die rolls.

This time online.

VASL was in it infancy when I put my game boxes away. But alot has changed since then.

As I was researching there was alot of talk about new players and training them up and I was struck with how sort of “old” and “stale” most of prized resources looked. Its kinda hard to inspire new blood when most things about ASL look like they we hand coded html. I know, it’s generational thing too. So many changes over the years, the rise of youtube, social media. Veterans are happy. But it doesn’t necessarily inspire new or returning players.

There are some notable exceptions, but just not enough from what I could see.

Then I thought maybe I should do a blog. That will change EVERYTHING.

Yeah. What a great idea! Another one of those half assed occasionally updated blogs that has everyones AARs and rule questions on it. That is left to eventually whither away to get sucked into the wayback machine when I don’t dedicate time or loving care to it.

But the more I thought about it, I looked at how stale looking alot of the info was. So screw it…

At the moment, I am really excited to be getting back into ASL. I don’t know if I will stay like that, but for now its a new hobby. A chance to meet new people. A chance to have some fun. And hey its a game, its about having fun.

So maybe I can leave something behind for others to be excited at the beginning of their new journey, or rekindle the passion of those restarting an old journey.

Maybe it might get a few fence sitters who are thinking about it to jump back in. With the internet and VASL it is easier than ever.

And hey might even get some laughs and spark up some of that fun that used to have me playing for hours on end.

Ultimately I am here to enjoy myself. Find some people along the way that can have a good laugh and some fun. And even get better at playing the game.

I hope you are too.