Australian Order of Old Bastards Citation: Malorum

| Scenario A – The Guards Counter Attack |
Played PBEM 13 April 2021 to 17th May 2021

Regarding the Awarding of “Real Bastard” RB (with oak leaves for Cheeky Bastard). Refer to award levels at A.O.O.B.

To player Malorum

For most conspicuous bastardry in an action in which during gameplay repeatedly and with thorough disregard for his own self dignity threw humorous line after humorous line at the enemy.

These included such …

<malorum> - So how weird is it that the only damage done was by your sniper Masha?
<malorum> - I wonder if I can hire her...
<6 Plus 1> - She only does May Days and kids parties.
<malorum> - Who wants to cock my rifle kids??!
<6 Plus 1> - LOL
<malorum> - In any case, she really threw a spanner in my sausage machine.
<6 Plus 1> - Thats what they pay her for.
<malorum> - No Advancing fire from me, let me check my ASOP and see if there is something life-saving I can do  :D
<malorum> - Yes!  "Place all Glider contents"
<6 Plus 1> - Gliders full of donkeys in Tiger tanks. I should have known!
<malorum> - LOL, unexpected at least

And this …

<6 Plus 1> - Take your shots, return it to me, and let the battle continue!
<malorum> - I am freaking out. I wonder how my poor little virtual cardboard guys feel?!
<malorum> - Good luck!
<6 Plus 1> - How they feel comrade is irrelevant to the success of the revolution! That is why we shall crush you fascists!
<malorum> - Correct response comrade!

And furthermore …

<malorum> - No, I have no inclination to take the building :) Sorry
<6 Plus 1> - Yeah, thats what you say ... but that tin of carpet cleaning powder in your hand gives your real intentions away.
<malorum> - But would love to get your Commissar's autograph - on a document of confession of his war crimes. Oh, wait, we're the ...
<6 Plus 1> - LOL.

He is truly a Real Cheeky Bastard.

Real Bastard (RB)
with oak leaves for Cheeky Bastard


2 thoughts on “Australian Order of Old Bastards Citation: Malorum

  1. “RCB” should be a title now for ASL players, like guys who have VC, MC, OBE after their names.

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