Heat of Battle Tested

You may often see me mentioning using techniques and skills in ASL in the Heat of Battle. What do I feel that really means?

I use VASL and I am not playing across the table face to face against other players. It’s quite easy to start getting used to the various functionality and crutches that VASL can offer.

You have:

  • Turn spinner that removes turn counters automatically.
  • Lazy LOS extension that allow you to determine how many blind hexes behind obstacles.

Although they can be convenient, if you were to swap over to an across the table face to face game, would you be able to manage it? Would you be depending upon these crutches to get you through a game?

But it is not just VASL. I have seen spreadsheet calculators that do the same. Or websites that calculate your odds. They are useful, but for what I am out to do they aren’t.

So my take on all this is:

Everything that I learn I want to be able to deploy across the table with a Face To Face opponent in a real world situation.

Why? Because it is a board game.

Now, this my personal point of view. I am not making anyone wrong for using those tools and making the game simpler for themselves. It’s my preference, thats all.

The Challenge For Me

Knowing a tool is one thing but applying it is another. It means having the prescence of mind to retain my composure when I play. I don’t necessarily find that easy.

Under pressure and just pissed off because you lost your best leader in CC? Then turn rolls over … remember to apply your ASOP steps. Regardless.

I see that as true gamesmanship. Keeping cool and applying your skills.

So switch off SAN and cowering indicators. Determine that blind hex is blind and remove those counters. You need to develop those muscles for yourself.

That is what I mean by Heat of Battle tested.


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