Isn’t This All A Bit Over The Top?

All that I am proposing here seems like alot of effort. I mean, it’s just a game right?!?

Hmmmmm … Maybe … please let me explain.

Firstly 2 distinctions that need to be made.

  • Casual vs Competative
  • Hobby vs Game

Casual vs Competative

Think this post say it all: Casual vs Competative.

Hobby vs Game

Like most hobbies, how much effort you put in, and the enjoyment you take out is really an individual preference. I view this as my hobby, not just playing a casual game every now and then.

You need to do what gives you joy in your life and know what is right for you.

Read this to know what I enjoy: Why? Why This? Why Now?

So … It Depends What You Are Playing For

If you are playing just for a casual game … This is TOTALLY OVER THE TOP!

If you are just out to play a casual few games here and there with friends? PLAIN STUPID, INSANE AND UNNECESSARY.

If you just want to get a little better to whop your regular opponent? It’s overkill.

If you are playing with an aim to become competative, this is a path you can walk.

If it is your aim to develop your ASL play in a hobby you want to be engaged in for a long period of time, and you want to be a better player. It’s all good.

Neither is right or wrong. You just need to know what game you are playing.

For Me?

I’m in for the long haul. It’s a hobby for me.

Over the top? Yes, and follow me! I mean what could possibly go wrong??

Note: Historical inaccuracy introduced to prove a point.
We all know this is not WW2 but an image from the Napoleonic wars.



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