Is That Vertex In The Way?

I think it just clips the edge of that hex?!?“. He have all been there. Trying to work out line of sight across hexes that just graze inherent terrain.

The good news is there is a way to check (before “checking”).

It was introducted in the article:

The Geometry of ASLBy David Hailey
In the Texas ASL clubs Banzai 5.2 p3.

In it David describes 2 approaches to estimating line of sight. One is a basic technique, and the other a more advanced technique. The one showing on this page.

It’s worth the read.

Does It Clip That Vertex? Advanced LOS Estimation

The following video helps walk you through it in detail.

From David’s article above “The advanced lesson is valuable when trying to determine if the vertex of an inherent terrain hex is going to interfere with LOS.

Stews Replays takes you through the advanced version (23:14min)

Nope. Watching a video won’t help you to do it in the heat of the moment. You need some practice first.

Time To Drill

Here is a drill I have built for you to test your skills on.

6Plus1 Drill – Advanced Line of Sight Vertex Estimation

Step through the VASL example for youself. Step through the instructions are self explanatory.

The Big Question: Does It Work? – My Experience

It works but. Got to admit, I struggled to get my head around the example on this one. Maybe I am a bit hex challenged. Eventually I worked it out. Now can I do it in the heat of battle?

Will have to keep you posted on that one. This one although useful, doesn’t happen as commonly as the first technique from what I can see. This one comes into it’s own on those longer line of sights.

But I will give you an update here as soon as I find out.



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