LOS, Blind Hexes & Dead Space

Pain is how we learn. And learnt I have.

I remember playing the scenario “Hill 621” back when I first started playing ASL. My friend throws a long range fire 23 hex HMG shot, over the top of a treeline, that breaks my 3 squad stack and leader moving forward to the battle. I thought they were impervious, hidden behind a bunch of trees. They weren’t.

My inability to see that the open hex they were moving through was not in a blind hex was my undoing.

Working out the dead space behind obstacles can be hard to understand.

But it appears it is not my problem alone. It seems an issue for alot of ASLer’s, even those who have been playing for years. See what other players say in Gamesquad: What rules do you have the hardest time grasping?

Lazy or Not?

Before I get into details, as you might know I have been play ASL using VASL, and there is a “Lazy LOS” extension that allows you to punch in some numbers to work this out. But in my mind, this is a bit of a cheating. It doesn’t pass my Heat of Battle Test.

So with that in mind, my aim is to determine line of sight blind spots from just looking at the board. Enter …

The Formula

The way I am going to apply is LOS Aid V4 from Tom Repetti. Rather than work through the rules to remind myself, the formula ties it up in one neat little package, and the formula works. There is a 2nd page that goes through why it works if you are that way inclined. For me … I will take it on faith.

I’m no good at math and I couldn’t remember a formula to save myself at school. In fact the only formula I know is e=mc2 and I don’t even know what the c stands for.

So how am I going to remember this in the middle of a game. Here is my trick. Pictures

Visual Guide – LOS Blind Hex Equation Mnemonic Reminder

Double the height of the obstacle. Ranges rounded to increment of 5, minus firers height, minus targets height. And +1 for normal crestline otherwise nothing.

You work from the closest obstacle to the target back to the firer.

Time To Drill

I have built a quick drill for you. Remember “To know and not to do, is not to know.

6Plus1 Drill – Blind Hexes – Includes 8 different LOS checks for you to test your new found skill at spotting blind hexes.

Step through the VASL example for youself. Step through the instructions are self explanatory.

The Big Question: Does It Work? – My Experience

Yes it does. Not only the forumula but also in the heat of battle. It really isn’t that hard to remember.

Even I can spot a 23 hex blind spot now.

PS: Some Other Trainings That Might Help You

Here are some other trainings that might help you understand how to spot blind hexes.

Do Chapter K TrainingChapter K has a good section on line of sight. To read about Should You Do Chapter K?
Watch JD’s VideosASL 15 Minute Rule Part 16 LOS The Basics Part2
ASL 15 Minute Rule Part 16 LOS The Basics Part3
Review these ASL LOS Aids “Let’s All Get A Little Higher”from IDJESTER
“It’s the Blind Leading the Blind” from IDJESTER



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