ASL Lethality Ladder

Now firstly I would suggest reading the following, to under stand the principles behind the Lethality Ladder:

OK, lets get on with it now.

The ASL Lethality Ladder

Development LevelYou Are DevelopingBenefits
SequencingHaving a strong understanding of what happens in the game and when.Speeds up gameflow & helps you make sure you don’t miss any important moves.
Skills & ProbabilitiesKnow the likelihood of your actions having an effect. Be able to estimate Line of Sight sucessfully. Reducing uncertainty & anticipating your opponents deployment. Allows you to determine what the level of risk is for the actions you are taking.
Actions & MechanicsKnow what actions you can initiate. Know How to do what you are trying to do. Understand how basic game mechanics at work. Allows you to engage in the full suite of actions with confidence. Knowing what you true options are.
Rules, Modifiers & EffectsKnow what you can do and can’t do. Know what modifies your actions. Know what effects you can suffer.Understand the basics of your actions, what modifies them and the effects they cause.
Tactics & TechniqueKnowing what the best ways and sequencing is on actions to get the effect you want to achieve.Know how to apply your actions for the most favourable effects.
Tactical AcumenTactical principles more or less disassociated from rules: i.e. concentrating forces, how to recognize weak spots in a defenseKnow principles of how to applying various tactics to win the game.
Understanding the Gameflow & PaceUnderstand the ebb & flow of the attack or defence in relation to how many turnsSuccessful time your application of tactics to the stage of the game.
Awareness of Your Opponents Moves & PlansBeing aware of your opponents intentions & actionsImprove your gameplay based on your opponents predisposition.
Awareness of The Meta-GameBeing aware of your opponents psychology and your ownImprove yourself in relation to the game.

Get Good, Play Well, Have Fun.