A.25.44 Nationality Distinctions – Aussies

NOTE: If you are an Aussie, time to click away. Going to use every worst stereotype you have ever seen. But as you know, it is in the national interest to propagate these.

A25.441 Impersonation Disadvantage

At any game turn the non-Aussie player may attempt a poor impersonation of an Aussie accent, on a die roll of 3 or less, they autmatically forfeit the game.

A25.444 TI Smoko

At any turn or phase the Aussie player reserves the right to call a “Smoko”. At which time all units automatically become concealed and switch to TI whilst they have a smoke (cigarette, not to be confused with SMOKE). It is at the players descretion as to when the “Smoko” ends and game resumes.

A25.443 Close Combat (CC):

During CC the Aussie player moves an extra column over to increase their effectiveness, as they know how to use a knife.

A25.444 Interrogation

During interrogation, prisoners are picked up on a dirt road, taken to a remote location. Interrogation occurs. On a single die roll of 6 or less they disappear from the board, never to be seen again.

A25.445 Special Squad Weapon: Boomerang

Throw, with a range of 5 hexes, it applies equal firepower along the path of the hexes. Killing the first SMC it experiences regardless of TEM.

A25.446 Special Vehicle Note: Flamethrower Guitar

Vehicular mounted flamethrower, also applies a +3 sonic effect DRM to any MC, reflecting the playing of loud AC/DC.

A25.447 Special Unit Note: Dropbear

[Dropbear Errata Added By: Malorum]

A Dropbear SMC is deployed HIP in a woods or orchard hex. Upon activation a Dropbear immediately kills any SMC in that hex and casualty reduces any MMCs in that hex. HS or crews are eliminated. Crews of any vehicles in the hex bail out and take an immediate 4MC.

After resolving the Dropbear activation, the Dropbear becomes Berserk with morale of 10 and a CC value of 24.

NOTE: Willing to accept further errata and additions to these rules from fellow countrymen. Please place suggestions in the comments below.