My Style

I guess if you are reading this you are wondering about my style of play. My expertise, my motivation.

Well let me tell you ..

My Secret Game Philosophy

Are you ready for it … “It’s a game.

So I am out to enjoy myself and maybe find some friends on the way.

The impact of my unique customized Secret Game Philosophy™ (patent pending) …

Game play should be:

  • Rigorous and enjoyable
  • About learning as much as playing
  • Totally sober or alternately, not sober to the point of allowing catastropic tactical errors.
  • Full clothed at all times.
  • Swearing is tolerated. Extra points for creativity.
  • Bitching about poor dice rolls will only be tolerated if accompanied by extreme gesticulations. (Don’t like grumblers, love over-actors).

My Personal Player Strengths

  • Affinity for suicide missions and the underdog.
  • Overwhelming belief in the spirit of the bayonet.
  • Unyeilding ability to persist with a sunken cause.
  • Ability to summon the dark demons to induce heat of battle results.
  • Contrary to the opinion you may have already formed, I don’t talk and gab on incessantly during a game. I am an intravert after all.
  • I don’t bitch about dice.
  • I like dogs.

My Personal Player Weaknesses

  • Tenuous knowledge of rules.
  • Constantly forgets SAN roles.
  • Often has setup errors pointed out in campaign games, totally leaving gaps in the front line.
  • Has other things going on in life as well. Wife, Family and Work.
  • Forgets to offer sacrifices to the dark demons that grant heat of battle results.

My gaming history is here. How Do You Become a 6+1?

My aim is here to complete The Grand Plan

My experience and expertise is here at scenario archives: Playing Record. I know, impressive right?

I use the latest version of VASL too.

Still Up For a Game?
Lets Do It!