My Grand Plan

OK, here is the plan …

So starting as a 6+1, this is the step by step plan to get me to 8-1 expertise.

Get Setup

  • Dig out my “stuff” and have a look through it. – Done ☑
  • Connect up to appropriate FB groups. – Done ☑
  • Connect up to where players are at. Discord, Forums etc – Done ☑
  • Post up any nagging questions I have.– Done ☑
  • Find out where other players learn stuff. Podcasts, Youtube, Player Clubs – Done ☑
  • Buy the electronic rulebook– Done ☑
  • Setup and configure VASL– Done ☑
  • VASL computer & setup– Done ☑
  • Learn how to use VASL – Done ☑
  • Find out about how to play by PBEM.– Done ☑
  • Put out my first invites to play.– Done ☑

Work through Jim Stahler’s – “8 Steps to ASL

This article was written by Jim Stahler. It’s a programmed instruction approach to walk you through only those parts of the rules that you need for that scenario. The perfect way to learn (don’t overwhelm the student).

You can find the full article in here: The General Vol 30 No 1 (p19)

I have also interweaved the ASL rulebook, Chapter K Training manual. A great ground level training.

  • Remark up my E-Rulebook to highlight the relevant sections. – Done ☑

The Basic Infantry System (Step 1)

The Advanced Infantry System (Step 2)

Special Infantry and Terrain Rules (Step 3)

The Offboard Artillery System (Step 4)

The Basic Ordnance System (Step 5)

The Advanced Ordnance System (Step 6)

The Basic Vehicle System (Step 7)

The Advanced Vehicle System (Step 8)

  • Read Chptr D rules.

I figure that after 23 games, and some serious learning. That will get me to about 7-0 level in my opinion.

Optional Oddities The Path To 8-1

From there (without getting too detailed) …

  • Riding on Tanks
  • Cavalry
  • Motorbikes
  • Interrogation
  • Extreme weather, Snow, Snow drifts, Gusts, Mud, Fog
  • Night Fighting

At this point I reckon I have a fair bit of all weather, most common circumstances experience. That would make me an 8-0

Then …

  • River crossings and boats
  • Para drops & Gliders
  • Aircraft
  • Convoys
  • Various DYO Scenarios to keep my on my toes

I figure that will get me to about an 8-1 level.

World Traveller From 8-1 and Beyond.

Later Post 8.1?

Well … DTO, Dust, PTO, Caves, Cave Complexes, Amphibious Assaults.

This game goes on forever. Who knows, 9-1? Could I become a tournament play at 10-1? What would it take to become a 10-3? (Humility I would imagine).

Just one step at a time, and most importantly have fun.