Wanna Play?

I was hoping you would ask.

Now, if you are new and …

  • Just learning ASL from scratch.
  • Moving up from ASLSK or SL.
  • Dusting off the old ASL manual.

Then don’t hold back. Stop reading that rule book waiting for the perfect moment to ease into it. Now is the time. Just get a game going.

I ain’t no expert but am open to help.

If you are experienced, ahh well would love to play.

I hope you give me a real run for my money, with elegance, wisdom and finesse and teach me something new.

What sort of player am I?

Check out my style … if it isn’t a fit for you, then thats fine. It’s a big wide web out there, jump in any of the facebook groups, forums or aslscenarioarchive.com .

Am I a good player? Errrr … not yet: No real track record


I would prefer:

Currently my books are open … and if I am going to make it to 8-0 status I need the practice.

What am I out to play?

Well the whole point of this website is about me getting to a level of competency (could I dare to dream … mastery?). So I am on a bit of a mission. Yeah, yeah, its all about me.

Suggest you check out “The Grand Plan“.

However …

I am open to anything that isn’t long, outside of ETO (at the moment at least) or a campaign game.

Try me.

Are you game? (Get it, thats a dad joke right there).

Lastly …

The 3 Unwritten Rules of
ASL Fight Club (Patent Pending)

There are only 3 unwritten rules of ASL fight club

Unwritten Rule 1: You will talk about ASL fight club

I will include you in my AARs. I do 2 type of AAR’s:

Type 1: Single player focused. This is for those who wish to remain anoymous. They are kinda boring. All about me me me. See this as an example. Gives limited insight to the reader. If you opt for this, you will be nameless, and forgotten forever. (But hey, I won’t bag you out either).

Type 2: Dual player focused. This is your time to shine! Involved, Intriguing, Insightful. See this as an example. You can provide your thoughts, give your point of view, share your trials and tribulations. If you opt for this, you will go down in the pantheon of ASL AARs to be found in 100 years on the wayback machine.

And gentlemen now a-bed. Shall think themselves accursed they were not here, And hold their manhoods cheap, whilst us that fought [insert scenario ID here] speak about the battle that was held of [date of game] day.

Henry V – by William Shakespeare

Don’t worry if your are a crap player, your performance against me will make you look freaking awesome.

Don’t worry if you don’t want to show people how to play badly. My AAR’s always begin with the Surgeon General’s Health Warning:

WARNING: This Deep Dive is written for newly returned players to ASL or other Noob style players who are out to git gud. Remember a well written AAR by a subpar player isn’t going to teach you what to do, but it may just be helpful to teach you what not to do. (If you believe we are good players you are badly deceived).

Don’t worry if you aren’t the creative type or haven’t got time or you are shy or you don’t know how to write, cause I will help you out to make it easy.

See Let’s Build A Great AAR Together

Unwritten Rule 2: You may be bestowed praise

When I play (whether you like it or not), I reserve the right to bestowe the Meritous Award of the Australian Order of Old Bastards, on my competitors.

It’s not given to everyone, but you may be worthy.

Unwritten Rule 3: You will be asked for a testimonial

First time players will be asked to give me a testimonial. I will ask, you may provide. (The one that my mum wrote for me isn’t serving me well.). I look at these many times during my own personal morale checks during a game to reaffirm I my commitment to our game.

Unwritten Rule 4: You will have fun