Lets Play By Email – P.B.E.M.

OK, Gotta confession to make …

My very first game of PBEM had left me very very deeply scarred. But the one thing that the deep trauma taught me was the importance of being clear up front about things.

Update: The good news is my second game with a different player was awesome. Here were the results Deep Dive: The Guards Counterattack (Take #2 PBEM Special)

Me recovering from my half turn PBEM experience.

So, here is what you can expect when we play:

  • Pacing/Speed of play: Log files sent about 3 times a week (at worst 2 times a week). Thats about it, sorry but it is all I can commit to. I’ve got a life outside of the game, I assumed you do too.
  • Finishing the game: I won’t leave any game unfinished or unreplied to. I will play it out, or concede if there are external factors that stop me playing the game (i.e. large bushfires or crocodile attacks). But I play to play. I won’t leave you hanging dry wondering, where the hell has this guy gone. I am a bit of a completionist like that. I hope you are too.
  • Cheating: I don’t, automatically assume you don’t. I am not a win at all costs sort of guy, I am a learn at every opportunity guy.
  • IFT or IIFT: IFT preferred, but meh. I don’t really care.
  • No Snark: Snark. Don’t want it. Don’t like it. Won’t play it.
  • Taunt’s: Love’em. Keep them coming. If you aren’t the creative type try using this: Shakespearean Insult Generator it giveth gold such as “Thou ruttish rump-fed malt-worm!
  • Speakup – In PBEM, if something is out whack because of the sequence issues or you notice an error in play, speak up. We can work it out. Don’t suffer in silence.

This is posted just so you know where I am coming from, and you don’t get upset by my pacing etc.

But I haven’t played P.B.E.M. before!

😬 Don’t panic.

I have no issues playing first timers. We can make your first game fun.

How Best To Play PBEM

Read this before we play: How To Play By Email

Lets Do This!