Lets Play Live Face-to-Face

Actually, lets not.

I’ve gotta admit I am not too keen on this for a number of reasons. I have listed those reasons below.

Ready to drive over there now?

Reasons to Avoid Face To Face Play:

  • My Mum warned me about meeting strangers off the internet at my house – There are alot of creeps out there. Especially creeps that like board games.
  • Emotional Contagion – It’s harder for me to cover up the fact that I am crying when I lose.
  • Poor Hygene – You will expect me to have washed this week.
  • My wife will find out!
  • I am Cheap – I will have to supply nibblies
  • Instant Dismissal – I can’t pretend I have internet problems and kick you out when I have failed my personal morale check.
  • Disclosure – My wife will tell you what I am really like, it ain’t pretty.
  • Fat Fingers – My fat fingers will knock over your counters.
  • FOBA – Feline Onboard Activity.
  • Crotch Sniffing – My large dog is a crotch sniffer when it comes to strangers.

Now, if you are fine with all those reasons, AND are in a convenient local drive from me, AND fit into my schedule, then hit me up for a game. 🙂