Lets Play Live via VASL

Stop the Press: Onhold for Now

Due to ongoing life commitments (IKR, this adulting thing still sucks), I have placed Live play onhold for now. I will let you know when I am open to possible suitors again. 🙂

Away with the dusty old cardboard pieces. We can utilise the power of this new found information super highway to play the game. Some have even told me it is the way of the future. 🙂

My custom made C4ISR command post.

So, here is what you can expect when we play:

  • Duration: About 3-4 hours is preferred on my end.
  • Pacing/Speed of play: I try to keep a fast pace (deliberate but decisive). But I am still learning, so for seasoned veteran don’t worry about giving me a push to increase the speed.
  • Finishing the game: I won’t leave any game unfinished. I will play it out, or concede if there are external factors that stop me playing the game (i.e. large bushfires or crocodile attacks). But I play to play. I won’t leave you hanging dry wondering, where the hell has this guy gone. I am a bit of a completionist like that. I hope you are too.
  • Regular Timeslots: Preferred to know with regularity when playing. Will work my hardest to keep it regular (but sometimes, hey, life does get in the way).
  • Australian Reasonable Timeslots: Dedicated real time VASL players that are able to play on a Australian (Sydney) Timezone (AEST) https://www.worldtimebuddy.com
  • Casual not Competative (and definately not combative): I am playing to have fun. I am not a win at all costs sort of guy, I am a learn at every opportunity guy.
  • Casual talk: Don’t let the blog give you a different impression, I won’t be gabbing on the whole game. When we get into it, I am into it. But that being said, I am not dry and humorless either. We aren’t balancing your chart of accounts and doing your tax returns here. It’s a game, I want to have some social fun.
  • IFT or IIFT: IFT preferred, but meh. I don’t really care.
  • Taunt’s: Love’em. Keep them coming. If you aren’t the creative type try using this: Shakespearean Insult Generator it giveth gold such as “Thou ruttish rump-fed malt-worm!
  • Skype or Discord: I am fine either way.
  • VASL dicebot preferred: I am lazy, couldn’t be bothered setting up a camera to film some die and a glass. Seriously??
  • VASL randomizer or Random.org: OMG, are you for real? Just play already. I don’t care.

This is posted just so you know where I am coming from, and you don’t get upset by my foibles.

Lets just make sure we both have the same versions of VAASL and VASL working.

Now …

Lets play!