Who Are You Six Plus One?

I am an Aussie wanna be ASL Player.

Well not exactly a wanna be. I have played before. You can read about my sordid decline into the world of ASL here: How Do You Become a 6+1?

This site is dedicated to my personal journey to reach ASL competency, to increase my battlefield experience from a 6+1 leader to an 8-1 leader.

What is the driving factor propelling me through over 700 pages of rulebook, thousands of scenarios and many hours of countless defeat before a win? Read S.W.A.N.T. Special Weapons And No Tactics

I plan to achieve this huge endeavour by following My Grand Plan whilst applying my own unique style.

And why build a blog? Why? Why This? Why Now?

Jump In, Have Fun.

Get Good, Play Well.

Lighten Up.