Develop a Dead Eye For Line Of Sight

Ever been straining to work out whether you have line of sight to fire at your enemy? You think you got it, you declare it, then draw it … then nada.

It happens but the good news is you can develop some skills to reduce the chances of misjudging that you can take that shot.

Other much smarter minds than our have worked out how to do a dead reckoning using some basic geometry. A way of estimating Line of Sight without string.

It’s All Geometry

This is the article with started it all:

The Geometry of ASLBy David Hailey
In the Texas ASL clubs Banzai 5.2 p3.

In it David describes 2 approaches to estimating line of sight. One is a basic technique, and the other a bit more advanced.

It’s worth a read.

Can I See It? Basic LOS Estimation From Hex To Hex

The following videos help walk you through it in detail.

Derek Ritter walkthrough the basic version (6:40min)

Stews Replays take you through multiple basic versions (29:30min)

That’s it right??

Nope. Watching a video won’t help you to do it in the heat of the moment. You need some practice first.

“To know and not do, Is not to know”


Time To Drill

I have built a few quick drill for you.

Step through the VASL example for youself. Step through the instructions are self explanatory.

6Plus1 Drill – Basic Line Of Sight Estimation – Includes 10 different LOS checks for you to test your new found skill. Some of them are kinda tricky.

The Big Question: Does It Work? – My Experience

In doing the drill above, I can do it. But … I don’t know yet, I haven’t tried it in a game (all have been close range urban firefight matches without any tricky judgement calls).

But I will give you an update here as soon as I find out in the heat of battle.


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